World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s new trailer teases a radical new way to play the game


After being turned off by Shadowlands, Dragonflight is luring me again with the promise of expanded cross-faction play and a brand new healer class to strive.

Still image from the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight launch trailer featuring a red dragon with a pale belly unfurling its wings and roaring against a bright blue sky.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s prelaunch battery of content material, together with a new launch cinematic, the pre-expansion launch of the brand new Dracthyr class, and particularly the attract of having the ability to social gathering up with my Horde buddies, is doing quite a bit to get me to return again to WoW. (To say nothing of the serendipitous model synergy between this newest enlargement and the recent Game of Thrones spinoff.)

Like a whole lot of gamers, I felt burned by the developments of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The enlargement’s story was wildly unpopular, with a personality celebrated for making one of the best out of a nasty scenario turning to full-on war crimes. Left with that unhealthy style in my mouth, that “Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV…” copypasta actually worked really well on me, changing me to a diehard FFXIV participant. Since then, I’ve made it my singular goal to rework my little nook of The Verge into Final Fantasy XIV-ville. However I do have a mushy spot for my unique MMO of selection, particularly relating to dragons. Dragon lore is a few of my favourite bits of WoW storytelling, so I’m jazzed to see dragon mommy Alextrasza and the remainder of the dragon crew get an enlargement all their very own.

One of the crucial attention-grabbing issues within the trailer is that this new camaraderie between the Horde and Alliance factions. Within the trailer, we see a fantastically rendered troll and dwarf (WoW cinematics remain undefeated) share an exhilarating second using their dragons above the Dragon Isles. This newfound friendship is a tough pivot away from the bitter strife between the 2 factions, as seen in nearly each enlargement as much as Battle for Azeroth and the launch trailer units up certainly one of Dragonflight’s latest and most intriguing options: cross-faction cooperation.

You might already type teams with the opposing faction when patch 9.2.5 released back in May, however in Dragonflight, the builders are increasing that system. Gamers of opposing factions will now find a way to share loot from mob kills — ending the lengthy custom of making an attempt to “tag” a mob with a fast bit of injury to say its loot earlier than a member of the opposing faction might do the identical. There are additionally rumors that the staff is contemplating including cross-faction dungeon and raid queues and, presumably, cross-faction guilds.

The wall between the Alliance and the Horde is likely one of the defining options of World of Warcraft. (For the Alliance!) However as the sport, the story, and its neighborhood have developed, that barrier has develop into a bit unwieldy, barring people from having the ability to play with their mates. If I wished to play with mates as a long-time Alliance-only participant, I’d both should make mates with random people, prearrange creating a brand new character with the buddies I need to play with (who sometimes roll Horde), or, shudder, shell out the money it requires to faction change to the far more well-liked and populated Horde faction.

My WoW predominant is sufficiently old to have her driver’s allow. It is likely one of the oldest issues I’ve had constantly in my possession, beating out my 12-year-old corgi and second solely to my 22-year-old MSN e mail handle. Like Leo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Road, “she ain’t f**** leaving.”

So the concept of cross-factional play is extraordinarily attention-grabbing to me and presumably price re-upping my subscription. The Dracthyr evoker class is one other siren music calling me again to the shores of Azeroth. In case you’ve preordered the enlargement, beginning at the moment, you’ll be able to create and quest as a Dracthyr evoker in Dragonflight’s tutorial space. Last Fantasy XIV put me on to the MMO healer life. After a lifetime as an avowed DPS-only person, healing is now the only MMO class that I want to play. The Dracthyr evoker is an attention-grabbing hybrid class that, like paladins or druids, can do injury or heal, and I’m to see if my talent as a healer in FFXIV can switch to WoW (most likely not, however a dragon woman can dream).

I nonetheless don’t know if I’m able to return prodigal daughter fashion to World of Warcraft. However it simply often is the proper time to present it a strive since Last Fantasy XIV is presently within the sluggish time between expansions. It’s not dishonest in case you’re on a break, proper? World of Warcraft: Dragonflight launches November twenty eighth on PC. You simply would possibly see me there.


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