Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty gets off to a ridiculously cool start


Oh, I get to hang around with Zhao Yun from Dynasty Warriors? Say much less!

Screenshot from Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty featuring the player character clashing weapons with Zhang Liang

The builders are advertising Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty all unsuitable. I’m positive the truth that it’s a Soulsborne-like launched within the midst of the Nice Elden Ring DLC winter is little doubt interesting. As is the truth that Crew Ninja, the sport’s builders, received Masaaki Yamagiwa — a producer on Bloodborne and the Demon’s Souls remake — to work on the sport. The fight can be engaging, acquainted sufficient for Soulsborne followers to get a deal with on however simply totally different sufficient to be fascinating and thrilling. All are wonderful factors with which to draw gamers to the sport.

However what they need to have executed was lead with this straightforward reality:

Zhao Yun — one of many 5 Tiger Generals, my absolute No. 1 favourite character from each Dynasty Warriors recreation, and my brother from one other mom — involves your rescue by Akira sliding on a horse.

You heard me: Akira sliding on a horse.

I used to be already digging Wo Lengthy within the brief time I’d been enjoying. As an enormous wuxia / Chinese language historic drama fan, the mythology sucked me in within the first moments. With Chinese language audio on, it felt like I used to be a personality in Three Kingdoms — a Romance of the Three Kingdoms drama I might watch again and again as a result of it’s simply so good. However when Zhao Yun confirmed up, child I used to be in. And he accompanies you to help you in battle? And the sport’s character creator is extraordinarily sturdy with a lot of nice choices that allowed me to create a complete badass-looking Black girl with dreadlocks, an eyepatch, and an enormous polearm that will get to run round Yellow Turban Rebel China? Say. Much less.

Screenshot from Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty featuring a shot of my player character a muscular Black woman with an eye patch

Screenshot from Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty featuring a shot of my player character a muscular Black woman with an eye patch

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I’m three or so hours into the sport. It’s a Soulsborne-like, which suggests development is touch-and-go as you study enemy placements and assault patterns. However I do really feel that, whereas the sport isn’t straightforward, it feels much less punishing than its FromSoftware cousins. As a rule, I can get away spamming my major assault in opposition to common mobs — one thing that can get you straight-up killed in Elden Ring, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, or Bloodborne. They simply don’t appear to have the fight complexity or injury output to warrant larger warning.

Boss fights, nevertheless, are precisely what you’d anticipate from a Soulsborne. Bosses are robust, beefy, and require an intensive understanding of assault patterns and timing to defeat. I actually dig the sport’s deflect system that, when timed accurately, permits you to punish an enemy’s important assault. It seems like I’m enjoying a martial arts film (the developer’s intent, little doubt). An enormous corrupted monkey is barreling towards me with an unblockable assault. I timed my deflect excellent to sidestep the monster because it crashes to the bottom, permitting me to wail on it whereas it struggles to get again on its ft. It seems and feels nice.

I’m hoping Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty can keep the vitality that it began with. With an entrance like Zhao Yun’s, it’d be very straightforward for the sport to peak there and go nowhere else. I’m, nevertheless, excited to seek out out the place else it could go.

Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty is out immediately on Xbox, Xbox Recreation Go, PlayStation, and PC.


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