With 16 New Cards, Marvel Snap’s Next Update Is Its Biggest Yet

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When the patch goes stay, the brand new playing cards will likely be break up into two new collection, or as most gamers name them, swimming pools. These newer swimming pools will likely be very uncommon, with Pool 5 playing cards like Thanos and Galactus being 10 instances rarer than Pool 4 (that are already a lot rarer to get from random drops than earlier swimming pools). Nevertheless, you received’t must have unlocked all of Pool 3 to start out discovering and unlocking Pool 4 and 5 playing cards. And they’re going to seem within the Token Store, too, which can let gamers grind for them when it opens subsequent patch.


Listed below are all the brand new playing cards and what they do. Data comes by way of the game’s latest developer update video and Second Dinner’s blog post:

Collection/Pool 4 Playing cards

  • She-Hulk (6/10) — Prices 1 much less for every unspent Power final flip.
  • Absorbing Man (4/3) — On Reveal: If the final card you performed has an On Reveal capacity, this card copies it.
  • Luke Cage (2/1) — Ongoing: Your playing cards can’t have their Energy lowered.
  • Agent Coulson (3/4) — On Reveal: Add a random 4-cost and 5-cost card to your hand.
  • Helicarrier (6/10) — Whenever you discard this out of your hand, add 3 random playing cards to your hand.
  • M’Baku (1/2) — If that is in your deck on the finish of the sport, it jumps to a random location.
  • Attuma (4/10) — When you have one other card right here on the finish of your flip, destroy this.
  • Orka (6/9) — Ongoing: +5 energy if that is your solely card right here.
  • Titania (1/5) — When Any card is performed at this location, this card switches sides.
  • Mariah Hill (2/3) — On Reveal: Add a random 1-cost card to your hand.

Collection/Pool 5 Playing cards

  • Shuri (4/2) — On Reveal: Double the ability of the following card you play.
  • Bast (1/1) — On Reveal: Set the ability of all playing cards in your hand to three.
  • Thanos (6/8) — In the beginning of the match, shuffle the six Infinity Stones into your deck.
  • Galactus (6/3) — On Reveal: If that is your solely card right here, destroy all different areas
  • Valkyrie (5/3) — On Reveal: Set all playing cards at this location to three energy.
  • Tremendous Skrull (4/2) — Ongoing: Has Ongoing results of all enemy playing cards.

Second Dinner additionally talked extra in regards to the Token Store, which it beforehand introduced by way of its official Discord server.


After the following patch, gamers will start to earn tokens from the gathering development path as soon as they hit assortment rank 500. You’ll be able to spend these tokens within the soon-to-be-added Token Store, which can characteristic a random card you don’t have that may rotate each eight hours. In case you see a card you’ve actually wished, like Dr. Doom or Venom, and you’ve got the tokens, you may spend them proper there and seize that card. Nevertheless, when you see a card you actually need however don’t have the foreign money readily available, that’s okay; Marvel Snap will allow you to lock the shop and grind for so long as you need to earn the required tokens to purchase your required card.

Now, whereas the Token Store system sounds nice and can assist gamers get that one card they’ve been eager for to finish a selected deck, it did anger some who’ve already invested hours and hours into the sport. They may be at assortment rank 900 or 1200 already and missed out on the coming-soon tokens. At first, Second Dinner had no plans to reward these gamers with something. This went over poorly, and final week Marvel Snap boss Ben Brode confirmed that this plan had modified.


Gamers will now get a bulk quantity of tokens after they log in for the primary time after the patch. What number of you get will rely in your assortment stage.

  • 500-999 Assortment Degree: 3,000 Tokens
  • 1000-2999 Assortment Degree: 6,000 Tokens
  • 3000+ Assortment Degree: 12,000 Tokens

Contemplating the value of playing cards—Pool 3 playing cards value 1000 tokens, Pool 4 value 3000, and Pool 5 value 6000—even lower-level gamers will have the ability to seize no less than one card from the store. And when you haven’t reached 500 but, don’t fear, Second Dinner says when you hit 500 assortment stage you’ll nonetheless get these tokens. Simply one other instance of how oddly good Marvel Snap is in comparison with so many different free-to-play cell video games.


Marvel Snap’s subsequent season begins December 6 and the following large patch, which can add the Token Store and the brand new playing cards, ought to be out on the identical time. You continue to have time to get all of the rewards from this present Wakanda and Black Panther-themed season, too.



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