Video shows the first fox known to fish for food

The fox froze. Inches from his paws, frenzied, spawning carp writhed within the shallow water alongside a reservoir’s shore. In a sudden flash of motion, the fox dove nose-first into the water, rising with a big carp wriggling in his mouth. 

In March 2016, two researchers in Spain watched as a male purple fox (Vulpes vulpes) stalked and caught 10 carp over a couple of hours. The occasion, described in a research revealed August 18 in Ecology, appears to be the primary recorded occasion of a fox fishing, the researchers say. The invention makes purple foxes simply the second sort of canid — the group that features wolves and canine — recognized to hunt fish.

“Seeing the fox looking carp one after one other was unimaginable,” says ecologist Jorge Tobajas of the College of Córdoba. “We now have been finding out this species for years, however we by no means anticipated one thing like this.” 

Tobajas and his colleague Francisco Díaz-Ruiz of the College of Málaga stumbled throughout the fishing fox whereas surveying a website for a unique challenge. The fox first caught their consideration as a result of it didn’t instantly flee when it noticed the researchers. Seizing the chance, Tobajas and Díaz-Ruiz determined to cover close by and see what the fox was as much as.

Their curiosity changed into pleasure after the fox caught its first fish. “Essentially the most shocking factor was to see how the fox hunted many carp with out making any errors,” Tobajas says. “This made us notice that it was absolutely not the primary time he had finished it.”

In March 2016, a male purple fox (Vulpes vulpes) in Spain was noticed grabbing carp throughout spring spawning season. The occasion appears to be the primary recorded occasion of a fox fishing. Foxes and wolves are actually the one canids recognized to fish.

As a substitute of instantly guzzling down the entire fish, the fox hid most of its catch and appeared to share at the least one fish with a feminine fox, probably its mate.

Fish stays have been noticed within the scat of foxes earlier than. However scientists weren’t certain whether or not foxes had caught the fish themselves or have been merely scavenging lifeless fish. This analysis confirms that some foxes fish for his or her meals, says Thomas Gable, a wildlife ecologist on the College of Minnesota in Minneapolis who wasn’t concerned within the analysis.

“I might be shocked if this was the one fox to have discovered the right way to fish,” Gable says.

Wolves residing on the Pacific coast of North America and in Minnesota are the only other canids known to fish (SN: 2/11/20). The truth that two canid species residing on separate continents each fish opens the chance that the conduct is likely to be extra frequent than beforehand thought, Gable says.

For Tobajas, the fishing fox is an instance of how a lot scientists nonetheless don’t know in regards to the pure world, even for species that dwell pretty shut with people. “The purple fox is a quite common species and is in lots of circumstances a bit hated,” he says. Foxes typically assault pets or livestock and are thought of a pest in lots of locations. However “observations like this present us that it an interesting and really clever animal.”


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