Tweetbot’s devs are back with a Mastodon client


Ivory is the corporate’s lifeboat after Twitter decimated the third-party shopper market.

Illustration of an elephant holding an iPhone running Ivory.

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Ivory, a Mastodon shopper from the corporate behind the beloved and departed Tweetbot, has just launched on the iOS App Store. Whereas it’s nonetheless in early entry, many individuals (myself included) have been impressed with the alpha model that had a very limited number of slots; now, anybody on iOS can use it to cruise the fediverse, aka Mastodon’s community.

The app comes from Tapbots, an organization that lately had the rug pulled out from below it when Twitter banned third-party clients. As a result of Tapbots mainly needed to ship Ivory with little or no warning, there are nonetheless plenty of lacking options which may be out there in additional mature Mastodon shoppers or on the internet. In response to the company’s road map, it nonetheless has so as to add the flexibility to edit your profile, edit posts (no, Mastodon doesn’t require a paid subscription for that), learn alt textual content, and extra. There’s additionally no Ivory app for the Mac but.

Regardless of all that, I’ve discovered Ivory to be — and I say this with like to open-source tasks all over the place — actually the one Mastodon shopper that I’d think about using. Even in its very early state, its UI simply clicks with how I like to make use of social media, and it has a base stage of polish that I respect. It additionally does a reasonably good job of obfuscating the complexities of Mastodon, of which there are many.

I like to recommend testing MacStories’ deep-dive review for those who’re nonetheless on the fence or if you wish to get some recommendations on the way to benefit from Ivory. And for those who’re occupied with Ivory however haven’t arrange a Mastodon account but, I like to recommend checking out our 101 article explaining the service.

Earlier than you rush out to obtain it, it’s price noting that Ivory is a paid app. Whilst you can demo it in a read-only mode (that means you may’t publish and even enhance or favourite different individuals’s posts), getting full entry to the app prices $1.99 a month or $14.99 a 12 months, although there’s a one-week trial that’s separate from the demo. The corporate does say that the subscription works with iCloud household sharing, so if in case you have that arrange, your loved ones ought to have the ability to apply it to their units, too.

Right here’s one final hyperlink to Ivory’s App Store page in case you don’t really feel like scrolling to the highest.


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