The Royal Mail tells customers to hold international items after ‘cyber incident’


The courier hasn’t specified whether or not it’s an intentional hack or a technical snafu, but it surely does imply that you simply shouldn’t attempt to ship worldwide packages or letters.

Illustration of a computer screen with a blue exclamation point on it, and an error box.

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The Royal Mail says it’s suffered from a disruption to its skill to ship packages or letters internationally, which the BBC says is due to a “cyber incident.” The courier is advising prospects to “maintain any export gadgets” till it solves the difficulty.

In the meanwhile, it’s unclear whether or not the incident is an precise assault from hackers or another technical error, although the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre says it’s working with the Royal Mail “alongside the Nationwide Crime Company, to totally perceive the influence.” The BBC additionally says that regulators have been advised concerning the subject.

The downtime may very well be a reasonably large disruption — in response to the BBC, the courier sends round 200,000 worldwide parcels a day. Relying on how lengthy it takes for the Royal Mail to revive its worldwide export companies, that may very well be loads of packages and letters piling up within the backlog. Additionally, anytime a serious piece of infrastructure goes down, there might be widespread ramifications, as we’ve only recently seen within the US with an FAA software issue affecting 1000’s of flights.


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