The Dead Space remake doesn’t support the Steam Deck, and that’s a shame


You’ll want a next-gen console or a standard PC.

Isaac Clarke in the Dead Space remake.

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The Lifeless Area remake is a very good game, and if (like me) you haven’t sprung for a next-generation console, you’ll must play it on PC. However Lifeless Area is a sequence I’ve discovered far more enjoyable with a controller than a mouse and keyboard, and I’ve developed an attachment to sofa gaming over the previous few years — so I’d hoped I’d get it to run on my lately acquired Steam Deck, which might easily provide both. Sadly, writer EA has informed The Verge that the remake doesn’t assist the Steam Deck, and my very own expertise backs that up.

Steam listed Lifeless Area’s assist stage as unknown once I bought my evaluation key for the remake, and out of an abundance of optimism, I gave it a attempt. The sport proceeded to protest this determination in each manner it might. It stalled a number of occasions on the preliminary loading display screen, and once I ultimately reached the introductory cutscene and the sport’s opening stage, they stuttered continually on the bottom graphical settings. Regardless of all of that, I assumed I’d make issues work… however then I entered an elevator after the primary enemies appeared, and it both crashed or completely froze each single attempt. I ended up taking part in the sport on my desktop, the place — with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card — it labored simply high quality. Some devoted Steam Deck consumer may discover a approach to get the sport working after launch, however it definitely doesn’t appear designed for the gadget.

It’s not too shocking {that a} next-gen console recreation can’t run on a handheld PC, however the query wasn’t settled before launch and the remake’s Steam requirements aren’t all that intense. (You’ll want an AMD RX 5700 or GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card and a stable state drive, amongst different specs.) For now, should you actually need Lifeless Area on the Steam Deck, you’ll be able to at all times return to the unique 2008 recreation.


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