Software engineer allegedly stole $300K from an e-commerce site by copying Office Space


Over $300,000 was stolen from Zulily utilizing malicious code that diverted transport charges and decreased the value of Zulily merchandise.

A cartoon illustration shows a shadowy figure carrying off a red directory folder, which has a surprised-looking face on its side.

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A former Zulily worker has been charged with stealing over $300,000 from the e-commerce web site after allegedly being impressed by the 1999 movie Workplace Area. As reported by The New York Times, in accordance with this police report (pdf), Ermenildo Valdez Castro, 28, is accused of manipulating product costs and altering the corporate’s code to divert transport charges from Zulily to a private account.

In line with court docket paperwork, Castro started modifying Zulily’s software program code for checkout funds in February 2022, which allowed him to steal round $260,000 in electrical funds by diverting transport charges from Zulily buyer purchases to a Stripe account that he managed, in some instances double-charging prospects for transport.

Listed below are the three strategies authorities accused him of utilizing:

(1) an authentic code that diverted some buyer transport prices from Zulily’s account to Castro’s private account starting on February 28, 2022, by way of which Castro unlawfully obtained $110,240.71 from Zulily;

(2) after Zulily started investigating that first situation, a alternative code that doublecharged a small share of Zulily prospects for transport, permitting Castro to route a ‘full’ transport price to each Zulily’s accounts and his personal account, by way of which Castro unlawfully obtained $151,645.50 from prospects; and

(3) unrelated to the primary two points, by lowering the price of costly objects that he was buying on to pennies per unit, a way by which he unlawfully obtained $40,842.31 from Zulily. By way of these three strategies, Castro stole a mixed $302,278.52 earlier than he was terminated in June 2022. 

Castro was employed as a software program engineer by Zulily in 2018. In line with court docket filings, Zulily fired Castro in June 2022 after the corporate investigated his value adjustment scheme. A OneNote file found on Castro’s work pc titled “OfficeSpace Challenge” allegedly contained codes used within the scheme, alongside a observe that he would want to “fudge publicity metrics.” Castro was arrested on June twenty first and knowledgeable detectives throughout an interview that “he named his scheme to steal from Zulily after the film,” in accordance with a police report.

The plot of Workplace Area facilities round a bunch of software program engineers who use a pc virus to steal large sums of cash from their employer by skimming fractions of pennies from firm transactions after being impressed by an identical scheme from the 1983 Superman III film.

In line with info discovered on the “OfficeSpace Challenge” file, Castro deliberate to make use of the stolen cash inside the Stripe account to dwell “off-grid” within the occasion his scheme was found.

The police report stated Castro admitted diverting the transport charges, informing authorities that the cash was “gone” and that the stolen funds had been invested within the inventory market, notably in GameStop.

Castro additionally altered the costs of merchandise offered on Zulily, permitting him to purchase over 1,000 objects of Zulily merchandise value $41,000 for simply $250, in accordance with court docket paperwork.

Castro admitting to putting orders for over 1,000 objects that have been shipped to his home. He acknowledged that the orders have been a part of a testing course of that Zulily was privy to, however he claimed that there was a script that was to be run shortly thereafter that may basically cancel the order and make sure the orders didn’t course of. He stated the check orders must be billed to a private bank card, thus his altering of the objects’ costs, as to keep away from incurring a big expense on his private bank card. He stated he forgot to run the script; due to this fact, the orders shipped. He admitted that he didn’t ever notify Zulily workers of the orders being delivered. When requested what he did with the objects delivered, he acknowledged that when he was fired, he threw most of the objects away.

When requested why he by no means returned the objects to Zulily, he stated that when they fired him, his opinion was, “Fuck ‘em.”

Castro was charged with two counts of theft and one depend of id theft on December twentieth, 2022, and is because of seem in court docket for arraignment on January twenty sixth.


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