Persona 3 Portable Yukari Social Link Guide And Choices

Maxing out the Persona 3 Yukari Social Hyperlink is the one solution to begin a romance with Yukari and unlock the final word Lovers Persona, Cybele–if you’re enjoying the male route. The feminine protagonist simply turns into good pals with Yukari and learns summon Cybele.

This information explains begin the Yukari Social Hyperlink in Atlus’ RPG and the very best selections to select for every protagonist. We’ve solely included the conversations the place a dialogue selection issues. For any that we didn’t embody, you’ll be able to choose any dialogue choice and get the identical outcome.

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Easy methods to begin the Yukari Social Hyperlink

Yukari is offered from April 28 on, however you might need to attend relying on which hero you’re enjoying as. The feminine protagonist can begin the Social Hyperlink instantly, however the male protagonist wants rank six (max) allure. In the event you go to the cafe daily and attend picture membership, you could possibly max out the allure stat by the tip of summer season, however simply keep in mind this doubtless means excluding different stats and social pursuits consequently.

After you do start Yukari’s Social Hyperlink, you could find her in the course of the day on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday in your classroom at Gekkoukan Excessive.

In the event you’re searching for a better Social Hyperlink to begin with, pay a go to to the bookstore and kick off the Hierophant Social Link.

Easy methods to romance Yukari

In the event you’re enjoying because the male protagonist, you begin a romantic relationship with Yukari simply by leveling up her Social Hyperlink. Not like later Persona video games, there’s no “large second” the place you profess your emotions. The 2 of you simply develop nearer. That’s true in your relationships with Aigis, Mitsuru, and Fuuka as effectively, and though you don’t have a selection within the matter, you additionally don’t get penalized for having a number of girlfriends.

The feminine protagonist can’t romance Yukari.

Greatest presents for Yukari

If you wish to rank up quicker, you can provide Yukari a present or two to assist increase your relationship. She prefers:

  • Vogue gadgets (Purse, watch, fragrance, bag)
  • Flowers (Roses, glass vase)

Yukari Social Hyperlink selections

As with Persona 3’s different Social Hyperlinks, ensure to convey a Persona of the matching Arcana to get an additional relationship increase for each appropriate reply. For Yukari, that’s the Lovers Arcana. Pixie, Alp, and Tam Lin are the most affordable choices and the simplest to fuse.

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 1

No selection issues right here, no matter your protagonist

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 2–Feminine protagonist

Hey, what’s your favourite flower?

  • Roses, no query (+3)
  • I like Gerbera (+3)

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 2–Male protagonist

Hey, I feel I am gonna go along with gerberas, however which shade ought to I get?

  • Pink’s cute (+3)

Oh, you have by no means seen my room, have you ever? Effectively, what good are you?

  • That’s tousled (+3)

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 3–Feminine protagonist

  • No selection issues

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 3–Male protagonist

  • No selection issues

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 4–Male protagonist


  • Are you all proper? (+3)

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 4–Feminine protagonist


  • Are you all proper? (+3)

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 5–Male protagonist

Yukari is trembling. It does not seem to be she actually means what she’s saying

  • Attempt to cheer her up (+3)

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 5–Feminine protagonist

  • No selection issues
If you're playing as the male protagonist, you'll have to wait much longer before you can start Yukari's Social Link.
In the event you’re enjoying because the male protagonist, you may have to attend for much longer earlier than you can begin Yukari’s Social Hyperlink.

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 6–Male protagonist

Thanks in your assist again then. I actually recognize it

  • Any time (+3)

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 6–Feminine protagonist

D-Did it make you mad?

*chuckle* …I’m wondering why

  • Isn’t it as a result of we’re pals? (+3)

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 7–Male protagonist

“We may have lunch outside. Perhaps we’ll even see a deer or one thing. Whaddya suppose?”

  • Sounds good (+3)

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 7–Feminine protagonist

  • No selection issues

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 8–Male protagonist

Hey, how ’bout you choose one out for me?

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 8–Feminine protagonist

Oh, I do know. How ’bout you choose a pair for me?

  • Let’s get an identical set! (+3)

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 9–Male protagonist

Yukari is quiet

  • Um
  • … (each give +3)

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 9–Feminine protagonist

I-I am fascinated by searching for a boyfriend

  • You gained’t have an issue with that (+3)

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 10–Male protagonist

What am I saying!? Do not get the fallacious concept, okay?

  • Each selections give +3

Yukari Social Hyperlink rank 10–Feminine protagonist

Hm… I do not suppose I’ve ever requested you this earlier than. What sort of music do you wish to hearken to?

  • Any selection besides “I don’t hearken to music” offers +3

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