Overpowered Tears Of The Kingdom Glitch Lets You One-Shot Enemies

Once you’re not attacking, it merely seems like Hyperlink has each a melee weapon in his hand, and on his again. This impact persists after sleeping, resting, and even quick journey, as Echocolat demonstrates on Twitter.


You possibly can see the bug utilized to fell a reasonably robust opponents with only one absurdly highly effective hit from Gameniac’s YouTube channel:

“When Hyperlink is Too Overpowered”

Learn how to ‘Zuggle’, or glitch weapons collectively in Tears of the Kingdom

Gameniac put collectively a YouTube video demonstrating how to do that glitch, and consider me, it’s fairly straightforward to tug off (I used to be capable of get it working after my first try). However as with every glitch or exploit like this, there can all the time be sudden penalties, so do your self a favor and make a clear save you possibly can fall again to if one thing goes incorrect.

Utilizing the Zuggle to 1-Hit Gleeok (Tutorial)

How this precisely works is anybody’s guess, however you’ll want the next gadgets: At the very least 5 – 6 bows, and a number of weapons you wish to mix. Begin out by inserting your again towards a wall. As documented in Gameniac’s video, the steps at Lookout Touchdown are a terrific place. Face the digicam and draw your weapon with the Y button.


Then hit + and navigate to your bows. Drop 5 – 6 of them. Navigate to your melee weapons stock display and choose the weapon you could have geared up. Drop your geared up weapon after which equip the weapon you want to fuse it with. Then, as quick as you possibly can, pause and unpause. If the weapon you first dropped doesn’t return to your stock, you’ve efficiently performed it.

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You need to see Hyperlink with two weapons, one on his again and one his hand. Go forward and swing with it and, significantly when you have elemental weapons (or weapons with Zonai gadgets like Flame and Beam Emitters fused to them), it can change into apparent in the event you’ve pulled it off.

Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku


In my expertise, it seems like fused (zuggled?) weapons can injury one another when used. They break remarkably quick, much more so than I might’ve anticipated them from regular use. That is particularly the case it appears if you’re utilizing elemental weapons. Then again, you possibly can one shot almost something in idea, so that you won’t want that a lot endurance to start with.

And sure, in case you’re questioning, this works proper now, after the Could 19 patch, simply as the item duplication glitch has remained untouched.


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