Obsidian’s New Survival Game Turns The Smallest Things Into Your Biggest Terrors


The sport’s fundamental gameplay loop has you build up your camp with sources you scavenge from across the yard. As you get stronger, you will discover new areas of the world that comprise new bits of lore to find and quests to perform. Finishing these quests helps you alongside your eventual aim of returning to your regular dimension, safely escaping from the dominion of spiders and gnats.


I’ll totally admit that I virtually activated the sport’s anti-spider mode earlier than beginning Grounded. (It adjustments how the sport’s spiders look in an effort to make it simpler for people with arachnophobia to benefit from the sport.) However I made a decision in opposition to it, partly as a result of I wished to expertise the sport totally, and likewise as a result of all the opposite bugs in Grounded, like grubs and fleas, wouldn’t be tweaked in any respect. So I noticed I used to be going to be freaking out anyway, so why not simply go for the complete, spider-filled expertise.

No story spoilers right here, however Grounded’s writing is strong, and I discovered myself increasingly more intrigued by why my character was shrunk and what had been happening within the yard earlier than I arrived. This narrative helps maintain you going when issues turn out to be a grind. You understand these moments in each survival sport when you must spend an hour shifting your base, or farming up sources to construct higher gear? You continue to gotta do all that in Grounded, however at the very least on the different finish of all of it’s a new story beat or piece of lore to get pleasure from.


A screenshot shows a player surrounded by large ants and mosquitos.

Screenshot: Obsidian / Xbox

One more reason I stored taking part in Grounded, whilst I slowly grew to become paralyzed with concern from all of the rattling bugs, was how well-made it felt. Navigating menus, utilizing your stock, crafting gadgets, and constructing bases all really feel nice. And higher but, it’s all very simple and snappy. Constructing particularly is simple however not easy. You’ll be able to create some large, advanced, detailed buildings, however the blueprint system retains issues organized. I think about spending a 12 months in early entry, letting gamers assist with suggestions and testing, might be a giant purpose Grounded feels extra polished than so many different survival video games.


Grounded is perhaps the proper sport for people who’ve discovered themselves bored of punching bushes and crafting axes. Sure, you do a few of that in Grounded, too. However at a really totally different scale. You aren’t slicing down bushes, however blades of grass and sprouts. It’s a refreshing spin on a style that has gotten a bit stale for me over the previous couple of years. And its story and well-designed gameplay methods assist maintain me going, even when the moment-to-moment will get a bit too survival-gamey.

If in case you have Microsoft’s Recreation Cross, I’d undoubtedly take a look at Grounded on both Xbox or PC. And if you wish to play with a pal, it helps co-op, too! Simply allow them to know forward of time that there are lots of bugs on this sport. Please.


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