Mei day: Overwatch 2 frees controversial hero


After a short hiatus from the sport, Mei’s again, together with a number of different hero tweaks and bug fixes.

Screenshot from Mei’s Snowball Challenge featuring one Mei sneaking up behind another Mei to attack.

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All people mark your calendars: as a substitute of the Christmas vacation season, it’s gonna be Mei. After a brief hiatus to repair a glitch that allowed Mei’s ice wall to spice up gamers to locations they shouldn’t be, today’s Overwatch 2 update added her again to the sport alongside a number of different hero tweaks and bug fixes.

Along with releasing feral Mei mains again onto the overall, unsuspecting public, a number of heroes, together with two present meta-defining characters — Genji and Zarya — are additionally getting hit with the nerf bat.

Zarya’s limitations present herself and her allies with safety whereas additionally empowering her by sucking up all of the absorbed harm to juice up her beam weapon. The length of her barrier talents has been decreased from 2.5 to 2 seconds, forcing Zarya gamers to suppose slightly more durable about once they deploy these shields.

Genji’s replace offers him fewer shurikens to throw at you and in addition makes them much less hurty, however sadly, there is no such thing as a change addressing the everyday Genji participant’s have to spam the “I would like therapeutic” emote.

Along with hero modifications, Blizzard additionally shared an replace on modifications it’ll be making to Overwatch 2’s battle go, hoping to mollify gamers upset that now, there are few methods to acquire the sport’s dear ($15 and up) character skins.

“In Season 2, we’ve modified up our rewards a bit so that every occasion has a pores and skin you possibly can earn by enjoying,” wrote govt producer Jared Neuss in today’s developer update. In accordance with Neuss, there are extra modifications to the reward system coming for season 3 and past, and Blizzard will share extra particulars because the newer seasons strategy.

Lastly, SMS Shield — Blizzard’s anti-cheat program that launched with disastrous results — is again with some important modifications. This system, designed to make it more durable for banned gamers to return to the sport by requiring accounts to register a cellphone quantity, initially didn’t permit for the registration of pay as you go cellphone plans locking out tens of millions of customers within the US and internationally.

Blizzard suspended the system with an apology whereas it labored out the issues and made modifications such that earlier Overwatch gamers on console and PC no longer needed to verify their accounts with SMS Protect.

Now you solely must register a cellphone quantity should you’re enjoying on a model new Overwatch 2 account, and pay as you go cellular accounts are eligible. Nevertheless, there are some restrictions — VoIP and Wi-Fi cellphone customers are nonetheless not permitted — which you may get the main points of here.

The Overwatch 2 launch has been tough going these a number of weeks as all of the rising pains of launching a brand-new recreation floor earlier than being summarily (hopefully) ironed out. Season 2 is across the nook, and with it comes a new hero.


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