Meddling with GTA 5’s underwater mod was a titanic challenge – and probably something you shouldn’t do

Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC isn’t brief on water modsm so turning Los Santos right into a sunken metropolis ought to have been straightforward. However what I obtained as an alternative was an aquatic, corpse-heavy nightmare that even James Cameron couldn’t capitalise on.

On the danger of sounding like an old-school Bond villain, I’ve lengthy had an curiosity in flooding Grand Theft Auto 5’s world. Again when the PlayStation 3 was jailbroken, a great 10 years or so in the past, modders found they may meddle with its workings.

It is superb a recreation this previous can look this good.>

I watched a YouTube video of simply such a mod in motion, with the ocean degree raised so excessive that solely the tops of buildings have been seen. It was a formidable and unsettling sight, paying homage to some big-budget catastrophe film. However, since I didn’t need to danger being banned from PlayStation Community, I by no means obtained round to experiencing the fun of soggy Los Santos.

That was, till, the opposite week, when YouTube’s algorithm threw up one other underwater GTA 5 video, this time from the PC model of the sport. This long-forgotten thought resurfaced and, after finding a mod that worked (I drew a clean with the primary one), Grand Theft Auto 5: The Drownening started.

Here is Franklin, floating with some crisps.

Admittedly, a good portion of the chaos was right down to my very own blatant stupidity, although I ought to add that it wasn’t the final populace that obtained become fish-food. I’d already disabled pedestrians and site visitors, so it was simply Trevor, Franklin and Michael that ended up struggling. Largely. There have been just a few exceptions however I’ll get to these later.

The excellent news is that the newest model of GTA 5 prevents you from logging on with mods put in, so I used to be in no hazard of getting banned. The unhealthy information is, as I merrily put in “500m Flood, Calm”, I hadn’t actually thought of simply how deep the water can be.

Is it, possibly, peaceable?

I’d wish to blame Subnautica for my folly, for making me assume that there’d be oxygen vegetation I may refill Michael and co’s lungs with, however that’s a reasonably threadbare excuse. The reality is, I assumed 500m gave the impression of a cool, spherical quantity and away I went.

If I’d carried out the remotest quantity of analysis I’d have learnt that’s a great third as a lot once more because the Eiffel Tower. Actually, if I’d thought for even a minute, this entire mess may have been averted. It in all probability wouldn’t have been as a lot enjoyable, although.

So, as an alternative of breaking the floor, surrounded by the peaks of Misplaced Santos’s skyscrapers, Michael expired earlier than he a lot as noticed daylight. Perhaps I wasn’t swimming quick sufficient, I reasoned, so I took to hammering the dash button. Once more, it didn’t finish effectively.

Franklin didn’t fare any higher and whereas I figured Trevor can be too offended to drown, a screen-filling WASTED proved me flawed. He did get me closest to the floor when he spawned on Mount Gordo, however it wasn’t shut sufficient.

I’ve questions on how this works.

At this level, a wise individual would have gone again and lowered the water degree, however I used to be decided not to surrender. If the worst got here to the worst, I may at all times use certainly one of GTA 5’s cheats to spawn a minisub and proceed my undersea adventures that approach.

However no, I saved at it, doing the identical factor and anticipating completely different outcomes. I found that if I flicked between the three characters as their lungs emptied and their well being began to deplete, I may reset their inside drown-o-meter. I continued on this vein for some time however then, subsequent time I switched to Michael, one thing completely different occurred.

The one factor ‘wasted’ right here is my time.

Particularly, a automotive appeared floating in his drive (the water was too murky to see if it was his) and, once I swam over to research, it fell on him. It didn’t kill him however it was sufficient to influence me to attempt a distinct tack.

The one advantage of having so many characters die earlier than your eyes is that, because it strikes time on, you get to expertise their character-switching scenes underwater. I watched Michael wave silently to his tailor, nothing however bubbles exiting his mouth, earlier than the sport handed management over to me.

On one other event, I laughed myself foolish as, leaving lunch, he bid farewell to his spouse Amanda, who, additionally seated, drowned moments later. Sure, I’m a horrible individual. Unusually, his son Jimmy appeared content material to maintain taking part in his video video games, not caring that his console was now water cooled.

He hates underwater ranges, satirically.

Franklin, too, didn’t appear to note that his bag of crisps was floating away or that the strip membership he left was in all probability issuing aqualungs to its dancers. And Trevor? As within the unmodified GTA5V, his antics have been entertaining and disturbing in equal measure.

Other than catching him within the rest room, shaking fingers with Aquaman, he managed to get in a battle with two underwater doormen. I say “battle”, however it might have been that they have been simply making an attempt to not drown however as soon as I, as Trevor, began swinging, there was no turning again.

I finally noticed sense and, citing the sport’s console, tapped in BUBBLES to summon a Kraken mini-sub. It materialised and promptly fell on Michael. I switched characters and tried once more. This time, it fell on Franklin. It wasn’t deadly, however it undoubtedly was undignified.

You realize that beautiful, underwater episode of Bojack Horseman? That is nothing like that.

A couple of makes an attempt later, I’d obtained the knack of dodging out of the best way. I swam over to the hatch and… nothing. Why? As a result of whereas spawning a sub below the “regular” works, in flooded Los Santos, doing so anyplace apart from the floor turns into an inoperable wreck.

I felt like cursing Rockstar’s title however then it hit me how ridiculous that may be. QA departments have a tricky sufficient time as is, it’d be absurd to count on them to compensate for some future user-created mod.

So I admitted defeat and set the water degree to a extra affordable 100 metres. That gave me the expertise I’d been craving. although I don’t need to take into consideration what number of Franklins, Michaels and Trevors I went by means of. I made it to the floor, leapt right into a hastily-summoned sub and explored the eerie depths of the town. Rapture, eat your coronary heart out.

Amanda? I barely knew her.

May I go away effectively sufficient alone? After all not. That’s how, after maxing out the water depth (and utilizing a short-term invincibility cheat), Michael was torn to items by a shark. I do not know the place it got here from – I do know that this mod doesn’t spawn sea-life. Perhaps it was GTA 5’s personal aquatic deity, livid that I dared to exert management over the oceans.

However for now? I believe that, for future GTA 5 outings, I’ll be sticking to dry land.

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