How to Fly DJI Avata? (Manual Mode)

DJI designed the Avata as a simple FPV Cinewhoop drone to fly, proper?

However have you ever flown it in Handbook Mode? It’s a distinct expertise that makes you are feeling like an entire beginner.

So it’s greatest to grasp easy methods to fly it earlier than crashing it to dying. How do you do it?

To soundly fly the DJI Avata in Handbook Mode, get snug flying in Regular and Sport Modes. Then begin coaching within the DJI Digital Flight app to get the sensations of flying with out hovering stability. Later, practice in giant obstacle-free areas with out harsh windy circumstances.

What about detailed steerage on easy methods to fly the DJI Avata in Handbook Mode?

This text will take you thru your entire course of from a complete Avata newbie to a Handbook professional pilot.

Let’s dive in!

DJI Avata flight modes

The DJI Avata is an FPV drone you may pilot like some other consumer-oriented drone.

You could have flight aids that self-stabilize the plane, solely permitting you to maneuver at sure angles and speeds. DJI maintains your Avata safely when you get the boldness and abilities to fly in Handbook Mode.

What modifications within the completely different modes is the Avata management response. Due to this fact, realizing how the drone strikes within the air is important.

The pitch motion allows your Avata to rotate up or down. The yaw motion enables you to twist the Avata to the left and proper. And the roll is the clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of the Avata.

You could have the throttle stick or button to maneuver the drone ahead or backward.

Regular Mode

Regular Mode is probably the most easy mode, because the drone can’t make quick actions. You received’t be capable of go greater than 18 MPH or flip aggressively.

That’s why it’s the popular mode to learn the way Avata works. The concept is to anticipate the subsequent motion by growing muscle reminiscence in your fingers whereas controlling the sticks and buttons for a protected flight.

You should utilize Regular Mode with each the Movement Controller and FPV Distant Controller 2.

Sport Mode

Consider Sport Mode as an assisted Handbook Mode.

As you may fly quicker, reaching as much as 31 MPH in Sport Mode, you want the Avata to reply shortly to the controls. A lightweight button press or stick motion makes your drone immediately observe that command, and fairly aggressively too.

Additionally, you may roll, yaw, and pitch at pronounced angles, supplying you with a way of instability.

At all times relaxation assured that the self-stabilizing system maintains your drone altitude.

Movement controller – Flight controls

To fly the Avata in Regular and Sport Mode with the Movement Controller, choose the mode you wish to fly first.

  • Discover the black textured Mode button beneath the purple Lock button.
  • Press it as soon as to go between Regular and Sport Modes. You possibly can test the present mode on the left-bottom nook of the Goggles digicam view.

 Then hover your Avata:

  • Press the purple Lock button twice to begin the engines.
  • Maintain down the Lock button for 2 seconds.
  • Now, the drone ought to start hovering at roughly 4 toes.

With the Movement Controller, you go ahead by urgent the accelerator set off. The velocity will rely on the set off journey, so press it fully to go as much as 18 MPH.

You possibly can pitch the Avata by elevating your hand to ascend or decreasing your hand to descend.

When the drone hovers in place and also you elevate your hand holding the controller, it would ascend vertically. In case you maintain down the acceleration set off whereas elevating your hand, the drone will climb by going ahead.

Discover you lack a roll and yaw management individually. This movement controller combines these two actions by rotating your hand clockwise or counterclockwise whereas holding the RC.

When the drone is regular when you rotate your hand clockwise, it would yaw to the proper. However when you maintain down the acceleration set off whereas rotating your hand clockwise, the drone goes ahead, spinning to the proper combining yaw and roll.

FPV Distant Controller 2 – Flight controls

This RC works otherwise.

You should utilize the FPV Distant Controller 2 with all modes. Right here’s how.

  • Discover the Mode swap proper to the left ahead set off.
  • Toggle the Mode swap between Regular, Sport, and Handbook Modes.

To hover your Avata, carry out a Mixture Stick Command CSC first:

  • Transfer each sticks diagonally down concurrently to begin the engines.
  • Now transfer the left throttle persist with hover the drone.
  • Push the stick gently to an altitude snug to begin the flight.

You could have observed the motion of the left stick up or down controls the ascent or descent of the drone. The reason being the controller is available in Mode 2 by default, the place you roll by shifting that very same persist with the left or proper.

The appropriate stick will pitch the Avata once you transfer it up or down. It’ll yaw when pushing the proper stick left or proper.

In case you don’t really feel snug with this configuration, you should utilize Mode 1 or Mode 3. To vary the stick modes utilizing the Goggles 2:

  1. Put in your Goggles.
  2. Discover the contact panel on the proper facet of the Goggles 2.
  3. Swipe your finger from the again edge to the middle to entry the menu.
  4. Swipe your finger down from the highest edge till you spotlight in yellow the Settings icon. Faucet it.
  5. Swipe your finger down from the highest edge till you spotlight in yellow the Management icon. Faucet it.
  6. Swipe your finger ahead till you spotlight in yellow the Stick Mode possibility. Faucet it.
  7. Lastly, choose and faucet the Stick Mode you are feeling snug with.

Or, when utilizing the DJI FPV Goggles V2:

  1. Put in your FPV Goggles V2.
  2. Discover the 5D joystick on the proper facet of the FPV Goggles V2.
  3. Press this button as soon as to entry the menu.
  4. Transfer the joystick down till you spotlight in yellow the Settings icon. Press it.
  5. Transfer the joystick down till you spotlight in yellow the Management icon. Press it.
  6. Transfer the joystick ahead till you spotlight in yellow the Stick Mode possibility. Press it.
  7. Choose and faucet the Stick Mode you are feeling snug with.

Handbook Mode

Now that you just’ve gained confidence in Regular and Sport Modes, it’s time to modify to Handbook Mode.

FPV Distant Controller 2 – Flight controls

In case you attempt to fly in Handbook mode, you’ll discover that toggling the Mode swap isn’t sufficient.

The Goggles immediate display procedures you should observe with the sticks first. To enter Handbook Mode, observe the steps beneath:

  • Toggle the Mode swap to Handbook Mode.
  • Observe the Goggles on-screen steps by shifting the sticks accordingly.
  • A immediate seems advising that Avata has entered Handbook Mode.

Handbook mode issues

Because the Avata management modifications, it now lacks self-stabilization aids. The Avata received’t preserve its altitude, so you should at all times management the throttle with the left stick.

First consideration

One professional tip is to loosen the left stick on its vertical journey. This transformation eases the throttle management, as you may repair it in any place.

You get the same expertise to the altitude self-stabilization characteristic however want to maneuver the throttle when the drone begins to lose top.

To loosen the left stick, observe the steps beneath:

  1. Flip the FPV Distant Controller 2 and carry the left rear cowl from the within groove.
  2. With the H1.5 hex key that got here along with your Avata, loosen the screw with the F1 legend.
Second consideration

Remember that the gimbal will preserve the digicam in a set place. We advise altering the angle between 10° and 20° max.

You must keep away from flying with a high-pitch angle, as will probably be arduous to maneuver the drone. If the Avata reaches high-pitch inclinations, the propellers received’t produce the required carry. Then you may lose management of the Avata.

Third consideration

One other tip to enhance the management of the Avata is to hover the plane in Regular Mode at a excessive altitude. From there, swift to Handbook Mode.

In case you really feel you’re shedding management, press the left ahead Pause set off. The Avata instantly enters Regular Mode, hovering regular at some altitude.

Nevertheless, this trick has a catch. If the drone begins to spin like loopy, it would fall like a rock even when you put the Avata in Regular Mode.

We advise you to begin within the devoted FPV DJI simulator. This fashion, you remove the concern once you see the drone turning into unstable, serving to you make higher selections and keep away from a crash.

DJI Digital Flight

DJI is aware of that flying an FVP drone isn’t straightforward, so it has a useful device for bettering abilities: the DJI Digital Flight app.

This simulator means that you can fly Avata in numerous eventualities to follow. Start with the Expertise Coaching possibility, the place the app guides you with established tracks and maneuvers.

It explains how it is best to transfer the sticks and provide you with hints to enhance your piloting expertise.

Then you may go to Free Flight or Time Trial, loosening your thoughts and gaining the boldness to shortly enhance within the subject.

Flying on the app isn’t the identical as in actual life, nevertheless it’s a essential step to familiarizing your self with utilizing Avata.

Can I fly in Handbook Mode with the Movement Controller?

On the time of writing this text, no, you may’t.

DJI may launch a firmware replace to make use of the Avata in Handbook Mode because of the rising recognition of this Movement Controller.

Can I freestyle with the DJI Avata?

Though this drone can fly in Handbook or ACRO mode, it received’t provide the required freedom to freestyle.

The Avata is an FPV Cinewhoop that produces crisp cinematics with engaging digicam actions. It’s not a racing drone, as we clarify on this link.

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