GPUs are headed in the wrong direction


Editorial: Nvidia’s newest flagship RTX 4080 and AMD’s RX 7900 XT are inflated greater than inflation itself — and that’s not regular.

The RTX 3080 on top of the RTX 4080

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This yr’s long-awaited flagship graphics playing cards from AMD and Nvidia aren’t regular. Maybe we shouldn’t anticipate them to be. In 2020, AMD finally showed it had the potential to catch as much as Nvidia in uncooked gaming efficiency, and naturally, Nvidia desperately desires to keep up that lead.

However because of this, each corporations’ new GPUs have bloated in a means we’ve by no means seen. They’ve inflated greater than inflation itself. They’re all of a sudden each far costlier and bodily enormous in a means we haven’t seen this decade if ever.

Right here, I made a chart to indicate you:

The chart shows dramatic rises in volume and price with 2022’s graphics cards, volume was mostly flat previously and prices previously rose slowly.

The chart shows dramatic rises in volume and price with 2022’s graphics cards, volume was mostly flat previously and prices previously rose slowly.

We’re in the course of a dramatic financial downturn, if not an outright recession — we’ve had 15–16 percent inflation since 2020, when Nvidia and AMD launched their final flagship GPUs. However the RTX 4080’s beginning worth is 71.5 % costlier than the RTX 3080. AMD’s 7900 XT is 38.5 % costlier than the 6800 XT.

When my colleague Tom reviewed Nvidia’s new graphics card, he did discover it 50 % sooner than the earlier era, however such good points aren’t unprecedented gen-on-gen with out a corresponding soar in worth. And I’d argue that efficiency is sort of irrelevant. Each Nvidia and AMD usually launch uber-enthusiast class GPUs just like the 3090 Ti or Titan with extra reminiscence and / or unique cooling for many who’ll pay for each scrap of efficiency, however the 4080 and 7900 XT aren’t these: they’re the “regular” flagships, and each corporations at the moment are concentrating on that sort of GPU at a extra unique viewers.

Efficiency doesn’t matter for those who can’t afford a $1,000 GPU in any respect or for those who can’t afford to suit it in your case — once more, the amount of those GPUs has additionally grown 30 to 60 % in a single era (2.5 slots and even 3 slots’ price of GPU is the brand new regular, apparently).

We’d already seen nearly each third-party GPU vendor promoting these corporations’ last-gen chips on boards with bloated costs and sizes, however I’d hoped Nvidia and AMD themselves would keep the course.

I’m not the one one noticing these tendencies — many RTX 4080 reviewers aren’t pulling their punches with headlines like “a powerful GPU with a big pricing problem,” “overpriced by $500,” and “a great GPU where the math doesn’t always add up.” However I additionally see loads of reward for AMD managing to undercut Nvidia on worth, and but AMD’s flagships are nonetheless beginning at that bloated 38 % worth enhance over 2020’s GPUs.

And I sort of doubt these corporations shall be deterred: the great GPU shortage confirmed that some pays any worth for the most recent and best. In the case of girth, the unprecedented size of the PS5 didn’t cease it from changing into the fastest-selling PlayStation. PCMag stories that Nvidia’s RTX 4080 instantly sold out during its launch day today, with all the same old e-tailer buying cart annoyances.

I can solely hope this bloat doesn’t trickle all the way down to the remainder of Nvidia and AMD’s GPU lineups. It’s been wonderful to observe the renaissance over the previous decade in transportable and reasonably priced small form factor PCs, and tendencies like these make them less viable. If I can’t stick a future 5060 Ti or 8700 XT right into a delightfully small case come 2025, I’m in all probability going to cry.


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