GameStop Stonk Bros Are So Mad About The Netflix Doc Trailer, They’re Rallying To Unsub

Boy, the inventory bros and Redditors actually, actually hate it.

Over on r/SuperStonk—the principle GameStop inventory theory-crafting subreddit (sure, that’s an actual factor)—you can find numerous, highly upvoted, and popular posts declaring that the doc is a “dangerous portrayal” of retail buyers, with many imploring all who’ll take heed to cancel their Netflix accounts in retaliation.


Stonk bros are mad on the doc for a couple of completely different causes, however the two massive issues that maintain developing are the supposed lack of enter from buyers on r/SuperStonk and r/WallStreetBets and due to the ultimate line of the trailer, spoken by journalist Taylor Lorenz. The trailer ends along with her seemingly poking enjoyable on the Redditors who got down to struggle the GameStop brief sellers, saying, “Yolo, let’s destroy the economic system.” That line appears to have actually angered a specific group of Reddit buyers.

“I’m able to cancel Netflix anyhow…yolo woman gave me a cause. Slater Netflix,” stated one consumer on r/SuperStonk. “Cancel Netflix and use that cash to purchase GME [stock]?” replied one other. After all, only a few have shared pictures or different proof proving that they’ve canceled their subscriptions, or that they even had one to start with. And different customers on r/SuperStonk expressed disbelief on the thought of individuals canceling a sub over a documentary that hadn’t even been launched but.


Nonetheless, over on Twitter, yow will discover tons of offended replies to Netflix’s trailer, with individuals claiming it’s only a hit job meant to make retail buyers look horrible. Even Taylor Lorenz has come out and clarified that she is adamantly against the damaged and unfair financial system of Wall Road, calling it “undeniably unhealthy.” However that doesn’t matter to offended buyers. I assume all you want is one soundbite from an unreleased film’s trailer to comprehend it’s successful piece.



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