Flipboard is ready to work with Bluesky and Pixelfed


iOS and Android Flipboard customers can see posts from the federated social platforms that compete with Twitter and Instagram.

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An image of the three icons for Bluesky, Flipboard, and Pixelfed, with plus signs between them.

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Self-styled social journal Flipboard has integrated Bluesky into its apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android units. Help arrives as a beta function simply a few weeks after the first release of Bluesky’s code, which supplies programmers entry to develop utilizing the AT protocol on which it’s constructed. Flipboard introduced posts from open-source Instagram alternative Pixelfed — which makes use of the identical ActivityPub protocol that powers Mastodon — might be out there in its app in “the approaching days.”

If you happen to use Flipboard, then you may add Bluesky by tapping the four-squares icon on the backside of the app and going to the accounts tab. A listing of accounts ought to present up, supplying you with the choice to arrange a connection to your most popular social community, which incorporates Mastodon, Bluesky, and YouTube.

Signing in is so simple as getting into your Bluesky username and password. The app yells at you if you happen to attempt to use your private password for the service as I did, urging you as an alternative to make use of Bluesky’s safer app password perform to create a singular login for Flipboard. Level: Flipboard!

A screen showing which networks you’re following on Flipboard.

A screen showing which networks you’re following on Flipboard.

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After you arrange the combination, you may select to “Comply with” posts from particular person individuals out of your follows on the invite-only social community, get your individual posts as they arrive, or let it simply present you the “What’s Scorching” tab from Bluesky, which may very well be one of the best ways to get butts in your Flipboard feed, if I understand how all of this works (which is debatable).

In order for you, you may even reply to, like, and repost Bluesky content material you see in Flipboard, simply as you may with Mastodon integration.

Flipboard is leaning closely into open-source, federated social networks like Mastodon, which it added support for just last month, and now Bluesky and Pixelfed. Our personal David Pierce and Nilay Patel sat down with Flipboard CEO Mike McCue on The Vergecast in April, the place McCue selected to double down on his insistence that ActivityPub is the one largest alternative he’s seen because the daybreak of the net, and the three mentioned the explanations he thinks so.

That is the second decentralized social community protocol Flipboard has added help for, and extra help is coming. The corporate is planning to completely combine its platform on the protocol stage sooner or later.


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