Chainsaw Man Creator Accidentally Got His Twitter Account Banned

“Lin-san! I’m Tatsuki Fujimoto! Please imagine me! It’s true,” Fujimoto tweeted from the unknown temp account.


To show that Fujimoto was the truth is the real article, the mangaka posted idea artwork for Aki Hayakawa and Power. Yep, that was Fujimoto all proper.

Manga readers of CSM had been fast to level out the painful irony of Fujimoto attempting his damnedest to show he was himself as a result of within the present arc of the manga, Denji is attempting to do the identical factor. Nonetheless, in contrast to his titular primary character, Fujimoto’s efforts bore fruit, as his old account is back up and running again.


To be truthful to his editor Lin, Fujimoto can also be the identical manga creator who uploaded a video of himself attempting to levitate and claims to be Filipino on his Pixiv account. The interior machinations of his thoughts are an enigma. Whereas I’m unsure if there’s any lesson or ethical of the day to remove from this entire comedy of errors, it’s cool that we bought idea artwork outta this snafu.


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