Blatant God Of War Knock-Off Being Sold On Xbox Store

Dolaka LTD / Crimson Bandana Gaming

The sport has no sound results or music, restricted animations which might be simply damaged, and there’s no actual depth to it. It’s simply waves of the identical enemy attacking Kratos time and again as he flails about, killing them and incomes some extent for every one vanquished. Almost every thing within the sport appears to be an asset ripped from elsewhere, together with the enemies, which appear to be a monster from a Resident Evil sport. Additionally, the title display screen for the sport has a unique identify, “God of Warning.” 


Right here’s the outline of the sport from its precise retailer web page, which appears worryingly equivalent to some other sport on the Xbox retailer:

Warfare Gods Zeus of Baby is a good battle sport. Destroy all enemies and creatures with the Zeus Warfare Gods of challange [sic]. Kill all of them together with your gun. Launch assaults with varied combos. Attain the very best monster kills with out dying. Really feel the ability of the warning god.


Kotaku contacted Microsoft about this clear knock-off and asked the company how it prevents these types of games from appearing in the store.

It appears this game, which was made in Unity and released on July 26, is a part of the Xbox Creators Program. The thought is to let smaller groups and solo devs use their consoles as dev gear, making it simpler for folks to make video games and promote them throughout Xbox and PC. In principle, this can be a cool concept that jogs my memory numerous the Xbox Indie program from the 360 period.


Nevertheless it additionally has the potential to be abused by naughty devs trying to flip a number of property to make a fast buck, particularly if the vetting of video games isn’t thorough sufficient. And whereas this God of Warfare clone is extra a horrible joke than a giant drawback, I’d be nervous about what else is being allowed to slip onto the Xbox retailer with what seems to be little oversight.


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