Beyond Good and Evil 2 development continues amidst Ubisoft cancellations


‘The group is difficult at work to ship on its bold promise.’

Beyond Good & Evil 2 concept art

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After Ubisoft canceled three unannounced projects last week alongside yet another delay for Cranium and Bones, questions are inevitably being requested concerning the writer’s different development-hell mission: Past Good and Evil 2. The excellent news is that work on the sport continues to be below approach. The dangerous information is that its precise launch date is simply as unclear as ever. 

Past Good and Evil 2’s improvement is below approach and the group is difficult at work to ship on its bold promise,” a Ubisoft spokesperson tells Eurogamer. For these preserving observe, which means it’s been nearly fifteen years since Ubisoft released its first trailer for the game, which is longer than it took to get gaming’s different development-hell traditional Duke Nukem Perpetually out the door. The unique Past Good and Evil was launched in 2003.

Nonetheless, confirming that Past Good and Evil 2 continues to be in improvement doesn’t give us a lot of a clue about when Ubisoft would possibly really launch it. The corporate made an enormous splash when it launched a new trailer for the game at E3 2017, however on the time director Michel Ancel cautioned that the group was nonetheless at “day zero” of improvement. Following his departure from the company in 2020, reviews emerged that Ancel was below investigation for his allegedly toxic management style.

Between final week’s information and the cancellations announced last year, Ubisoft has ended improvement on over half a dozen titles within the final twelve months. Cranium and Bones, the multiplayer-focused pirate sport that’s reportedly been in improvement since 2013, additionally noticed its launch date push again from March 2023.


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