Battlefield’s Classes Are Finally Coming Back To 2042

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While Battlefield 2042 is getting better with each update (or at the very least nearer to the sport it may and will have been at launch), there’s one factor that has aggravated numerous long-time gamers ever since its launch and continues to take action: Specialists, a bunch of “hero” characters designed to switch the outdated “class” system.

Quite than let gamers select from a nondescript grunt with an assigned position—assault, engineer, recon, and so on—2042 introduced in cocky characters as an alternative, every with their very own devices and distinctive abilities. It’s kinda the identical concept, solely expressed with some extra flexibility and character, however a great deal of followers hate it. If not for his or her annoying catchphrases—which have been toned down—then for the very fact you possibly can by no means inform at a look what sort of gear your teammates (or opponents) will likely be packing.

DICE had been made very conscious of this in a short time, which is why they announced back in August 2022 that development on the game was basically going back to the drawing board, and that numerous stuff that had been minimize or modified for 2042 was going to be introduced extra in-line with what the sequence was recognized for.


A very powerful of these adjustments was a reversion to the “class” system, which is finally on the way in the game’s 3.2 update that is out later this month. Whereas it gained’t go so far as many followers would love—it doesn’t ditch the Specialists totally, simply rearranges their gear and lumps them into courses—it should at the very least deliver the identical spirit.

I’m glad DICE is doing one thing about this, as a result of the louder followers had been proper, the sport has been a little bit missing with out what the devs name a “sense of position”, however as somebody whose favorite Specialist (Mackay) is about to lose entry to my favorite gadget (SOFLAM) as a part of the category rearrangement, I need to strive the brand new setup out myself earlier than getting too excited.


If you want to read more specifics on how the class system will affect loadouts and gadgets, beyond me just using this platform to make a personal complaint, you possibly can test it out on DICE’s weblog.


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