21 Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Warzone 2.0

Perhaps there’s a god in spite of everything!

Keep within the air for a bit. It offers you time for…extracurricular actions

Not each fast-paced shooter provides you sufficient time for a toke or two (or a shot!) Take the time to get excessive whilst you’re excessive. Let the opposite squares down there kill one another so you’ll be able to drop down in a splendidly joyful temper to only take their shit.


And on that be aware…

Simply conceal till the tip and discover a low cost option to kill the final individual

God is lifeless. Do what you need.

Look. If I wished an actual competitors, I’d play a sportsball. I’m actually not seeking to be competent in something (and by the tip of a match I’m far too excessive anyway).


I’m taking part in to keep away from the gulag, not get kills. Excessive kill counts are for losers and try-hards. If that upsets you, you’ll be able to cry about it as I fly away within the chopper within the closing scene.

Be low cost. Experience trash. Take pleasure in being a slacker; life’s too brief to play issues straight.




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